Call For Art

Call for Art- Beignets and Blues Art show

Saturday, August 31st 7pm-midnight

Beignets and Blues Art and Vendor Submission Form

About the Show…

The Edom Art Emporium is looking for ALL LEVELS and STYLES of artists to participate in our Beignets and Blues Art show. This is a free form street art show where we will be hosting up and comers along with seasoned professionals. 

This show will boast a TON of new artists along with a Cafe Du Monde, Big Easy style street art fair. There will be beads, masks, body painting and ALL THE FREE BEIGNETS and COFFEE you could want, not to mention the fabulous blues that will be going on out back. 

There will be space for vendor tables and buskers are always welcome!! 


How can I submit my work?

Email us with images of the art you want to display. You can email the art submissions to

When’s the deadline to submit work?

There’s no final deadline for submissions. We accept art until the show is full. You can email the art submissions to

How many pieces can I show?

You’ll need to display between 3-10 pieces for the show.

What are the size restrictions?

All art must be under 30×30. If the art is bigger than 30” the pieces cost $20 each to enter.

How much does it cost to display work?

$15 for each piece under 30×30, $20 for anything over 30×30. 

Vendor Tables are available for $25 and only available for non-hangable items such as jewelry , pottery, fiber art and metal arts. 

When are the fees due for the hanging art?

Your hanging fee is due when you arrive for installation. 

When are the fees due for the vendor tables?

Table spaces are limited and must be reserved. You can call and reserve a space with a credit card or drop off a payment to the gallery to save your spot.

Does the EAE  take a commission on my sales?

We take ZERO commission on any cash and credit card sales, that you handle the transaction on, so you’ll pocket 100% of everything you sell. We can take credit cards on your behalf, but there will be a 15% commission. 

Who will handle sales?

You will handle the sales of your art for the evening of the event. Should you not be available for the show, we can handle all cash transactions at no charge to you, giving you 100% of your earnings at the end of the event.  With your consent, we can take a credit card but will charge 15% commission

What payment methods can I accept?

You are welcome to accept any form of payment you choose; (Paypal, Venmo, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Square Cash, etc.) or credit card readers for your phone. You are responsible for the taxes due on any payments you collect. 

Can the buyer take the work off the wall immediately?

Yes! and if they do, you’re welcome to replace the work on the walls with another piece of art of equal or lesser size. There is no extra cost to do this.

Can I sell prints?

Definitely, but they must be contained and not take up too much room. (A print stand would work best.) Bring them to sell during the show NOT during installation. Tables are not allowed in the gallery space.

When do I drop off my art?

Artists: You can drop off your art, ready to hang, Wednesday, Aug 28-Saturday, Aug 31. IF YOUR ART DOES NOT HAVE THE REQUIRED HANGING WIRE, WE WILL NOT HANG IT. 

Table Vendors: You can set up the day of the show, Saturday, August 31st, starting at 6pm

When do I take my art down?

At the end of the show. Unless you have made prior arrangements with the gallery, all artwork should be taken with you at the end of the night. If anything is left with the EAE, we reserve the right to re-home it at our discretion.

Is there an entry fee?

Yes, It’s $5 per person. If you are a participating artist or vendor you will get in free, as you are already on the guestlist. 

Can I get a +1?

Sorry Charlie, no, we don’t give out plus 1’s, including helpers.