Gingerbread House Contest

Gingerbread House Contest at the EAE

Welcome to the first ever sugar-fueled gingerbread house contest at the Edom Art Emporium. We are looking for the most Christmas inspired and creatively fabricated edible structures that will knock our socks off!! We want home bakers, kiddos, and professionals alike to be a part of the fun.  So grab your spatulas and icing, cause it’s about to go down!

Donated Gingerbread Houses will be auctioned off and proceeds will go to the East Texas Food Bank.  (You do not have to donate your house to be a part of the fun! You can certainly keep your creation if you’d like.)

Rules & Conditions for Entry

Wait! Before you enter, please read the rules. Even we cheerful holiday elves need rules.

Important Dates

Drop-Off: Nov22-Dec 3rd
Entry Deadline: Dec 3rd
Judging and Awards: Dec 4th
Display of Gingerbread houses: Nov 27-Dec 12
Auction: Dec 5th- Dec 10th
Auction Winners announced: Dec 11
Pick up Houses: Dec 12-Dec 19th
Discarding of remaining houses: Dec 23rd

Registered houses can be delivered to the Edom Art Emporium,  between November 22- Dec 3rd, during business hours. (Call if you need to come at a different time. 903-714-7414)

Entries must be registered, completed, and dropped off no later than December 3rd

The show at the Edom Art Emporium, will be on display from Saturday, November 27, through Sunday, December 12

Judging will take place Saturday, December 4th.

Winners will be announced Saturday, December 4th at 5pm during the Holiday Stroll. You do not need to be present to win.

Auction for Houses will be done between Dec 5th and Dec 10th, winners of the Auction will be announced

Those wishing to pick up their gingerbread house when the exhibition is over may do so between Sunday Dec 12th and Sunday, December 19th. Unclaimed houses will be thrown away or donated to a local nursing home. (We can’t be inviting mice to stay over the holidays!)

Entry categories

Participants are required to submit entries under one of these categories. Note: If youth and teens are working together without an adult, please choose the All ages category.

  • All ages
    anyone or team of people can participate in this category with the exception of professional bakers.
  • Professional (chefs & bakers)
    If you make a living cooking or baking, this is the category for you. A special shout out to your business will take place during our event, including press releases and posts on social media.
  • Youth or Youth Group (Age 12 and under working mostly without an adult)
    This can be a team of kids under 12 or an individual. They can get help from parents but must do the bulk of the decorating themselves using pre-made or homemade decorations.


  • You must register your entry by filling out the paperwork at the EAE when you bring in your house.
  • Maximum base size is 24”by 24”. You may NOT attach multiple bases together.
  • Entries must able to be carried by two people (or less).
  • Edible materials only! This includes the “glue” that holds pieces together!
  • Name your gingerbread house 
  • By entering the contest, entrants authorize Edom Art Emporium to use their images and images of completed work in promotional materials.
  • Gingerbread kits are allowed, provided they use only edible materials.
  • Plug-in string lights are allowed.
  • Battery-operated lights are strongly discouraged as the batteries run out within a week.
  • Your entry doesn’t have to be a “house.” Anything goes as long as it’s made of edible materials!
  • All entries must come on a base of some kind. Bases must be sturdy! Your house will be picked up and moved multiple times during gallery set-up. Bases can be a platter, a piece of clean plywood covered in aluminum foil, or anything else sturdy enough to support your “House” and decorations. Bases must be disposable on all donated houses. We are not responsible for broken or lost bases (Dishes or displays.)
  • An entry can be completed by one person or several. It can be a combination of parents and kids, a scout troop, a bakery… the only requirement is that if an entry is created by anyone over 12 in the group, they must be entered in the All Ages category.
  • You can opt to keep your house or donate it to be auctioned off to raise money for the East Texas Food Bank. We will love you either way!


The guest judges are chosen by the Gingerbread House Competition committee and volunteer their time (and good taste!) Awards will be given Saturday, Dec 4th during our Getting Elfed Up Winter Stroll at 5pm.

Judges’ awards:

  • First place in each entry category (Professional, All ages, Youth under 12)
        • First place Professional
        • First place All Ages
        • First place Under 12
  • Second place in each entry category (Professional, All ages, Youth under 12)
        • Second place Professional
        • Second place All Ages
        • Second place Under 12
  • Third place in each entry category (Professional, All ages, Youth under 12)
          • Third place Professional
          • Third place All Ages
          • Third place Under 12

 People’s Choice Golden Hat award:

      • Best in Show


The East Texas Food Bank achieves its mission of providing food to people in need throughout East Texas by partnering with you. The work is funded by gifts – large and small – from individuals, corporations, foundations and others in East Texas and nationwide. Your gifts make a difference – in the lives of over 80,000 households in East Texas.

Donated Gingerbread Houses will be auctioned off and proceeds will go to the East Texas Food Bank.  (You do not have to donate your house to be a part of the fun!)

If you would like to make a financial contribution to them right now, you can do so HERE.

Donate Now

If you wish to make a donation by mail, please send it to:
East Texas Food Bank
ATTN: Development Department
3201 Robertson Road
Tyler, TX 75701