Events at the EAE and the surrounding
Edom / Ben Wheeler area

All events still listed are tentative, based on the CDC’s suggestions
for public gatherings
at the time of the event.

Sat, July 4th: All Day

As a way of celebrating our diversity and freedom, the Emporium is inviting the public to stroll throughout Edom to find free art provided by our artists and anyone willing to join in.
The free art WILL BE LABLED as such and will be outside only on Saturday, July 4th. You may keep any artwork that you find so long as it has been labled that it is free. You may also hide any artwork, but it must be small (under 10″,) wrapped in a ziplock bag and have a note stating that it is FREE and a part of the Go 4th and Art event. You may also leave a business card with it as well.
Hide your pieces in somewhat obvious spots. Please do not go onto private property to hide anything. Not all businesses in Edom are participating so please be conscientious of where you leave your art.
Art can include any handmade-by-you-items; paintings, small sculptures, jewelry, carvings, knitted items, stickers or music CD’s (made by you) The idea is to spread love through our community.
Hope to see you there!

Oct 10- Oct 11: Edom Art Festival Weekend

Saturday, October 10, 5pm: Open House at the EAE

Skull by Cassie Edmonds

Saturday, Oct 10, 10am-5pm: Edom Art Festival

Sunday, Oct 11, 10am-5pm: Edom Art Festival

Elvira by Casey Kieth Williams

Saturday, Oct 26 10-3: Hog Festival, Ben Wheeler, TX

Saturday, Nov 7, 7pm: WearAble Art Prom at the EAE
Come on out to the EAE in your best artistically inspired homemade prom attire. It can be wierd and fun and completely your own couture inspired masterpiece. We want you to push the limits of your imagination and tap into conceptual fashion. Plus, it’s the prom you’ve always wanted where the wierd kids rule.
(You can come without creating wearable art, but please come dressed for prom in a funky fresh way.)

Link to more wearable art ideas HERE

Saturday, Nov 30, ALL DAY: Winter Wonderland Stroll in Edom on Small Biz Saturday and 1 Year Anniversary of the EAE

Saturday, Dec 07, 5pm: Lighting of the Tree in Edom